Quite simply the choices are up to you and once armed with the technical knowledge you can do as much or as little with it as you wish.

Not every body wants to be in the rat race or a high earner and we have had several candidates who have opted for a more ‘laid back’ approach to work seeing work as a service engineer as a means of achieving their goal.

This has led to them seeking to provide service in rural locations such as Northern Scotland and Ireland. Several of our candidates have also set up businesses abroad, in places like France and Spain providing services for expats and locals a like.

With their objectives being to allow time to treat each customer with care and attention and enjoy the varied nature of being a service engineer travelling from call to call.

Graham Dixon
Founder - Dixon Training and Consultancy


Although we are not an employment agency we are often contacted by companies from across the UK looking to employ candidates we have trained.

Depending on where in the country you want to work and skill levels the average basic wage ranges between £18,000 – £24,000+.

Most companies operate bonus/incentive schemes that can increase earning potentials well above this level especially in the London and surrounding counties.

We know of at least one employed engineer that exceeds £30,000 a year with bonuses.

Many of the larger companies also offer additional benefits such as BUPA, pension schemes and discount systems in addition to company vehicle options.

As the demand for engineers rises the need to attract more staff results in higher wages.

When employed by larger service companies it is possible to advance to higher positions.

Only recently did one of our candidates move from being employed as a service engineer to being an area supervisor on £36,000 a year, all within 9 months of starting with the company as an engineer.

As the need for engineers increases so does the need for administrative personnel at all levels.


Setting up your own business is open to everyone and we have many instances of successful candidates. Many have gone on to expand their businesses and employ engineers themselves. Earning potential depends not only on your level of knowledge but on how you run your business.
Many that have combined business acumen with the technical knowledge we provide on the course have gone on to build businesses with turnovers well in excess of £100,000 a year.
Completing the course is a great step to achieving this and we’ll also guide you on what’s next by offering additional help from trusted partners as you can see here.


Dixon Training has been actively involved with the appliance Recycling and Re-use sector since its inception and continues to work closely with various businesses, charities and smaller independents throughout the UK and beyond.

This sector has seen a consistent increase in demand both through WEEE legislation and the growing demand for appliances which are often referred to as refurbished, recycled or re-manufactured.

Details of this along with all other aspects of the appliance service and repair sector are provided during the course.

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