Additional Help

You will get additional help from our trusted partners

We work closely with a select number of businesses to help you get up and running so you can be reassured that completing the training course isn’t the end.

If you decide to go down the route of working for yourself or setting up your own business we can direct you to the right people from suppliers to getting your very own website.

Make sure people can find you online

Most people think this simply means having a Facebook page (this is only part of the process).

Having a Facebook page is important but you need to recognize that Facebook does not belong to you.

If they decide to change something you are at their mercy and this could greatly effect your business if this is the only online asset you have.

Let’s say they decided to start charging you for people to simply find you on Facebook?

Or worse still, they decided to charge you for anything you posted.

This could greatly effect your bottom line and is completely out of your control!

With most people using Google, Facebook and Twitter to find you it is important to have an online presence.

We recommend using WebSideView to help you get online.

Graham-Dixon WebSideView created this website and we continue to work with them as they specialize in working with self-employed and small to medium sized businesses.

They understand what it can be like for you. Working with you to fully understand what you need, removing the worry and confusion and getting you online with the best solution for you.

The first place anyone looks when they need something is Google (I’m sure you found this page using Google on your phone) plus having a website lets you to sell your services on your own terms.

websideview homepage

They will guide you through all these things and more, putting you firmly in control and at ease.

Getting a website baffles a lot of people as many of us don’t know where to start, being unaware of the tech stuff and are worried about being ripped off.

You need not worry with WebSideView and we highly recommend you to visit the website

A good starting point for those of you that don’t understand websites is to read these short insightful articles:

  1. How your Website Works on the Internet in Plain English.
  2. What’s my current situation and why do I want to get a website?
  3. Step 1: Deciding on a domain name that is good and relevant

If you are more aware of these things then feel free to contact them or email they’re very welcoming and happy to help.